Our Mission:


We hope this ministry will effectively change the world by making Christians aware of their Hebraic Roots, by standing with Israel, and by fighting anti-Semitism and replacement theology. 


Our Community

Man Hu Ministries was founded in 2004 by Gary and Darlene Huff.  They have a vision of the Church restored to her Biblical relationship and responsibility to the Jewish people and their brothers in Christ. Gary Huff is an acclaimed teacher whose inspiring and anointed teaching style equips and empowers believers around the world to take hold of the Hebraic Roots of their Christian Faith. He has a unique way of presenting Biblical truths hidden for centuries. Before the revelation of the Hebraic Roots of Christianity, he was  a lay speaker for the United Methodist Church for several years along with teaching adult Bible study. Darlene works at the local hospital and takes care of her elderly parents and volunteers her skills to the ministry such as singing, Davidic dance, organizing events, booking keeping, responding to emails and media mail out orders.


The Hebraic Christian Fellowship

In a virtual reenactment of this ancient Davidic strategy, the Holy Spirit is now calling leaders throughout the Christian community to come together and consider how we may restore and perpetuate the New Testament order of God’s Hebraic model of praise, worship, and service. This work is too great for any one man or any single organization to accomplish. Therefore, it is vital that both leadership and the people of God be brought together for interactive dialogue and collective strategy development. Networking is the focus of God’s designs for this time, just as it was in David’s day.

Evangelist Ministry

Gary continues to travel the country by invitation to bring the Holy Scripture to life for Churches and Assemblies of all denominations. We stand ready to serve  with Pastors and Congregational leaders  to further develop what God is Restoring to the Body of Christ. To see our evangelistic teaching appointments, click on our event calander.

Christians Hebrew Connection Television Program

As a teaching tool, the ministry has designed and built a High Definition video recording studio for live streaming on social media platforms. For a world-wide outreach, we developed our own Roku channel also known as “Christians Hebrew Connection”.  




International Ministry

Gary and his wife, Darlene, have traveled to Israel, Egypt, Holland, Spain, and Greece ministering to small groups of people along the way.  Previously touring the seven churches of Asia Minor (Turkey).  They are the southeast regional representatives for the organization, Hebraic Christian Global Community which is based out of Atlanta, GA and developed by Dr. John D. Garr of Restoration Foundation. He is also a well-known author of several books and RESTORE Magazine. They join Pro-Israel Americans from across the country at the  AIPAC conference, American Israel Policy Association Committee, and meet with Representatives of Congress in Washington, DC to plea for the protection and safety of Israel.  They love to host tours to Israel to bring awareness of the needs of the Jewish people. 


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